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Functionality has been extended to the Job Tracking module to list the Slab Serial Numbers of those slabs that got issued to a specific Job. In addition, slabs are listed, that are available, and that could possibly be replacements, in for instance the case of add-on or remake jobs.


Inventory Control

Accurately controls incoming and outgoing inventory as well as movements between bin locations. Remnants are recorded and the Physical Count is quick and accurate.


Serial Tracking

Will track back to your supplier’s batch, which slab was used for a particular job, and which slabs or remnants are available for remakes etc.


Bar Coding

10 times faster and 100 times more accurate, barcoding is key. Capturing happens at the point of action, which makes it cheap, effective and immediate. All services are primarily barcode driven.



Due Dates are paramount. traXigig will emphasize jobs overdue for templating, layout, completion, and components overdue at Quality Control. Packing lists are available for jobs ready to ship.


Job Tracking

Components are tracked as jobs flow through fabrication. Via barcode scanning, Operator and Work Station performance is collected in real time, providing extensive performance reporting. Material scrap is calculated.



Material issued to the job is recorded and combined with the Job Tracking information for exquisite Costing detail, also calculating Gross Margin (Profit) for a job and/or period.

A Word from Our Clients.

traXigig is an imperative tool for serious granite fabrication. The wealth of information available from the system, opens insights into your business, you have previously only dreamt about. The system is quick, accurate, responsive and saves me money.

- Miles Crowe, Crowe Custom Countertops – President

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Reliability and accuracy have been paramount in the design of the system and the meaning of these concepts has been taken to a new level. Currently the available modules cover a wide range of activity at the plant. Maxigig however, sees that as only a fair starting point of a much larger and embracing system. We drive towards quality information for decision making in the hands of our users, more functionality and continuous improvements in terms of speed, consistency and accuracy.

We support users over different time zones in the USA and strive to be active internationally soon. Installation of the system has been proven to be easy and going alive is quick. The system is available at a surprisingly low monthly rental, without limits on duration. On software, we will typically get you going before you get invoiced.